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Welcome to the lands of Kumari! Your movements in life have brought you to these ever changing ancient lands; but was that chance, or fate? It is a time of great unrest in the Realm of Kumari, a shift in the balance of life is upon us as the beginning of a new era rises.

The peaceful nature of the Kostas Pack, known for their fiery loyalty and family values, is disrupted when the pack stumbles upon the deceased body of their alpha male within moments of his death. All evidence points to the man whom stands above him, dagger in hand, blood dripping somberly to stain the snow at his feet; but what would spur a sworn guardian and faithful brother to commit such an act of treason?
When rumors spread like wild fire and talk of demons are on the tongue of everyone, one question remains: Is this man truly the traitor he is exiled for or was this an act of evil? So, when a man clad in golden armor and claiming to be of divine power suddenly appears, speculation erupts and confusion ensues. Can he truly help as he claims he can?
Meanwhile, the unpredictable Nayati Pack are growing in strength. Though their numbers are still small, with the instigation of a new alpha female, the pack has found the connection they have sought since the beginning adn they remain closer than ever before. There is talk of expansion in the air and with things going awry in the Kostas Pack now is the time to take action; but with a new and undiscovered evil arising on the borders of their lands will they have time to protect themselves? Or can the Rogue wolves rise fast enough to protect the Kumari Realm as they are destined to do?

Oh, but what will you do? Will you help the Kostas rebuild their ranks or will you join the Nayati and give them the numbers they need to take over? Perhaps you will join the Rogues and fight for the land and all of those upon it equally?
No.. The path of enlightenment is not for you... The evil lies in wait within the darkness of Schtien Wood. Will you join him and become an angel of sin or pave your own legacy, one that has not already begun?

What ever you choose, the way is paved in mysteriousness and you're arrival is in no way an accident...